if you smell good, i WILL rape you.

sometimes i go through my dash and see things people i follow reblog and im just like “who the fuck are you and why the fuck do i follow you”

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Dear girl in my 4th period class: shut. the fuck. up. nobody cares about half the shit you talk about so stop being so obnoxious about it.

Dear person who sits behind me in 4th period: okay, we’ve been in school for a month now. obviously you know im sitting in the chair in front of you. obviously my ass is in the seat. so why the hell do you keep putting your feet in my ass crack and on my chair. theres a body there. in case you didnt know.

Dear other girl in my 4th period class: talk quieter instead of talking loud and complaining when people look at you or listen to your conversation. and dont sit and call your sister a whore for being pregnant when youre trying to lose your virginity before your 16th birthday this year because “everyone else in your family did”. maybe thats why your “Whore of a sister” is pregnant in the first place.

Dear other other girl in my 4th period class: go back to first grade.

Dear complete 4th period class: i hate you all and you can burn in the fiery pits of hell :)

Fuck society.

ok seriously im not a huge nicki manaj fan either but this posting on the nicki manaj facebook wall is getting a little ridiculous. its not that people are telling her what they think, i dont mind that, its just the way everyones doing it. like c’mon, calling her disgusting and a disgrace to the human race? does that really help anything? are people not aware that she isnt the only person in music or hollywood that has vulgar lyrics? she isnt even in the public eye that much. what about lady gaga? lil wayne? BOTDF? of course, all of them have at least one or two serious songs and thats ok, but they also have really inappropriate songs. im not about to give them a lot of shit for it. people act like nicki has only made the song stupid hoe. yeah its a stupid song. cool we get it. stop acting like its the only song she’s ever made. the majority of people who give her shit about her music only quote that song and its like i guarantee thats the only song of hers youve ever even heard. and now the romney thing. really? so freaking what? who cares? good for her for saying who she supports! if she had said she supported obama i doubt she would be getting as much shit as she is now. and people saying she only did it for fans? im sure she was very aware how much of her fan base she could lose. so seriously, good for anyone who speaks their mind letting her know that they find some of her music offensive but learn your facts, and be the bigger person about it instead of calling her disgusting, a whore, and a terrible person because there are plenty of worse people out there doing a lot worse of things. sorry not sorry.

"i want to make an umbrella joke, but im saving it for a rainy day."


"omg youre such a dick get out of my life forever kill yourself"


fuck logic.

Friends and i sitting in a circle

Random Kid: Oh whats this?
Me: Its the circle of fuck you.

I wanted to be mad at my mom

but then i saw she was reading the hunger games.

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That moment when you’re home alone…. see something… laugh at it in a creepy way… then search the house and make sure no one somehow slithered into your house through the pipes and heard you….

when people ask me what tumblr is, i don’t even call it a blog. its so much more than that.


I hate that people i know (as in church people, school people, etc.) are getting tumblr. When i got twitter, its cause i could post whatever the fuck i wanted cause no one had one. Now everyone and their mom has one and my privacy is gone. Now everyone and their faggot mom is getting tumblr. My blog is bad enough as it is. Id be shot if people i know actually went through my shit.

I miss the old days on disney when, if the two main characters on the show kissed, it was some huge deal and its all you talked about the next day with your friends.